Don't Just Ignore Your Flickering Lights

Don't Just Ignore Your Flickering Lights

Choose us for electrical services in Hobart, IN for your home or office

Handling electrical wires is a dangerous job that could lead to injury. Leave these repairs to the experts. Cruz Electric & Handy Services, LLC provides electrical services in Hobart, IN. Whether you need rewiring, retrofitting or electrical engineering services, you can count on our team to do it all.

If you need electrical services for your commercial building, call us now to discuss your needs.

Why should you leave appliance installation to the professionals?

New appliances are exciting additions to your home. Although you can't wait to set up that new dishwasher or microwave, leave this job to the professionals. Here's why:

  • Appliances have complex wiring and parts
  • Working with electrical outlets can be dangerous
  • You may damage your new appliance
Let us handle your appliance installation. We offer free estimates in Hobart, IN. Call 219-308-7117 today.